Welcome to my site!

I’m Manfredo, a game designer from Italy currently based in Warsaw, Poland. I’ve been making games for 6+ years now, 3 of which professionally. My first years of game making are split between Milan’s DBGA academy and lots of personal projects, many of which you can check out in this very website. The last three years I spent in the sunny Warsaw working on two platformers and an unannounced AAA project.

My professional projects→
My best projects→
That time I made 5 games in 5 weeks→

For the past 2 years I’ve been working as a Technical Game Designer for People Can Fly on the AAA project code named Gemini. At PCF I honed my skills with Unreal Engine, putting great focus on the Gameplay Ability System, an industry standard plugin comsisting of an RPG framework that allows to create, prototype and iterate quickly on mechanics, systems and gameplay.

Before finally landing a dream job in the AAA space I worked for well over a year as a Level Designer on two different Platformers. My first shipped game was Tate Multimedia’s Kao The Kangaroo, a well beloved polish IP where I owned several levels at various stages of completion. After Kao I joined, for short stint, a team of friends at Purple Ray Studio working on the early stages of Boti: Byteland Oveclocked.

Last but not least enjoy this small jewel that came from that time I made 5 games in 5 weeks as part of a challenge I took part in, called Game A Week. It’s from a long time ago at this point…but I loved working on it: GameAWeek #4: Space Run.

This website I use as a portfolio, but also as treasure chest for memories of all I ever worked on in relations to games. So if you made it this far, please check out my most notable projects, so you don’t get lost 🙂