Articles & Essays

This is a list of the best articles and essays I wrote. Most of them come from my time at the Italian but some I wrote for my own amusement.

[Ita – Essay] Hero’s Journey

In this essay I explore the extreme parallelisms between the game Journey and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

[Ita – Article] Secrets of Game Design

In this article for I explore the hidden design tricks used in famous games. From the health in Doom 2016 to the probabilities in XCom.

[Ita – Review] Beyond Blue

This was my first review for . I reviewed the game Beyond Blue from E-Line Media. The game tells the story of a marine biologist and his friendship with a family of sperm whales and it’s made in collaboration with the BBC documentary Blue Planet II.

[Ita – Article] A Serious Game for the Coronavirus

In this article I interviewed the game designer of Eye Bags Studio, a small Italian studio that made a free serious game on the topic of covid-19. In the article I also explore what is classified as a serious game.

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Here you can also find all the articles I wrote for ILoveVG.