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People Can Fly – Technical Game Designer

Currently I am working as a Technical Game Designer for People Can Fly on an unannounced AAA game code named Gemini. On the project my responsibilities go from prototyping and implementing gameplay, especially in collaboration with the Balance Team, to designing and implementing tools and systems to make other game designer’s life easier.

Kao The Kangaroo (Level Designer)

On Kao the Kangaroo I worked as a level Designer. Working within a small studio, I worked on most (if not all) levels in the game. However I had one level on which I had entire ownership, from concept to completion. The level was Sparkly Funfair and here’s how it looked.

GameAWeek #4 – Space Run

For week 4 I thought I’d explore some new grounds and learn some new skills. The idea for this week started when I saw this game from Ludum Dare 42. I thought it would be fun to learn all the things needed to make a game look and feel like that.
The game is a space shooter through an asteroid field: asteroids are coming towards you and you’re running out of fuel. Collect fuel to keep you’re speed up and keep going.
Thanks to Oliver Wilde for the sound design.

The controls are WASD for moving and Left Click for shooting. Remember that the Y-Axis is inverted, so W pushes down the nose of the ship and S brings it up.
The glowing bar on the bottom indicates how much fuel you have left, the more fuel you have the faster you’ll go, if you run out of fuel you lose.
Avoid and shoot the asteroids and see how far you can go. Continue reading


This is the first project we made in DBGA. The assignment was to make a game with Construct2 using only squares and rectangles. We took inspiration from Pong and Crash Bash and went to make basically a four way pong, with multiple balls in play and some “power-ups”. The game can be played by 1 to 4 players with the AI filling in the remaining spots.


  • Game Design
  • Project Management
  • Additional Programming

Team size: 3                          Development: 10 days                         Engine: Construct2 Continue reading