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Home: The Game

Home is a DBGA project made for a collaboration with the non-profit organization Videogames Without Borders.


  • Level and world design
  • Lighting
  • Concept and first draft of the story
  • Additional Scripting

Team size: 11                          Development: 6 months                        Engine: Unity

The game tells the story of a mother and a child living the transformation of their village: from a lovely little town to a place they’re afraid to live in.
The goal of this project was to give the players a glimpse of what brings people to flee from their country, and to make them experience the dread of seeing your whole life falling to pieces. Continue reading

Beast Wars

This was our first Unity project in DBGA. The assignment was to make a 2d game on some kind of grid and featuring a turn mechanic.
The game is a competitive turn based strategy game. In this game each player controls a king plus a team of five soldiers, chosen from a pool of five classes. The goal is to kill the enemy king or to bring him to the other side of the battlefield.



  • Concept and Game Design
  • System Design
  • UI Design
  • Documentation

Team size: 7                          Development: 4 weeks                         Engine: Unity Continue reading


The theme for this DBGA project was 80’s arcades, again using Construct2. We started with the idea of making a game revolving around boss fights, but it transformed into a hack’n’slash game when we decided to develop a teleport mechanic. The gun in our game shoots an orb to which the player can then teleport. This allows him to close in on enemies or to deal with platforming sections.


  • Project Management
  • Level Design
  • Game Design

Team size: 6                          Development: 3 Weeks                         Engine: Construct2

Continue reading


This is the first project we made in DBGA. The assignment was to make a game with Construct2 using only squares and rectangles. We took inspiration from Pong and Crash Bash and went to make basically a four way pong, with multiple balls in play and some “power-ups”. The game can be played by 1 to 4 players with the AI filling in the remaining spots.


  • Game Design
  • Project Management
  • Additional Programming

Team size: 3                          Development: 10 days                         Engine: Construct2 Continue reading

Pitching to a publisher

During my year at DBGA we mostly made game projects, but this project is an real pitch to an real publisher, that I’m probably better off leaving undisclosed.
The assignment was to pitch a mobile game for the Chinese free-to-play market, and the game was to focus around the world of fashion.
We were divided into small teams of designers and artists and had a pretty long time to make our pitches, with a lot of milestones and reviews from the teachers along the way.
The way this pitch worked was that each team was going to pitch an idea to a representative from the publisher and if something good came out from these pitches, the publisher would think of developing it with his own team and maybe, just maybe, would think of hiring some of those responsible for the pitch…spoiler, they didn’t.
Anyway, here’s the presentation in english.