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GameAWeek is exactly what it sounds: make a game every week, monday to sunday, and then release it, it doesn’t matter how bad or unfinished it is just release it and start working on the next one.
In may 2019 I was looking for something to enrich my portfolio when I stumbled upon a youtube video by indie-dev Matthew Palaje explaining his journey through GameAWeek, I started my own GameAWeek soon after that, and I think I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can, even if I find a job.

Game A Week #5 – Infinite Scroller

Finally I had my first failure in Game A Week! This time I bit off more than I could chew, but I learned a lot nevertheless. I tried my hands at some advanced Object Pooling patterns and I had to wrestle both with the design and the coding of a Procedural Generation system. Turns out that those two topics are a bit too much to explore all in one week, not to mention that I also had to fit in a coherent gameplay for the platforming.
However, I’m still happy I had the chance to face something this complex and I’ll definitely explore procedural generation in the future.

The game is pretty easy: press Space to jump and go as far as you can. I tried to build some interesting patterns for the generation of the platforms but it was a topic too big for the little time I had.
The game was in such a state that I didn’t even bother to put the score in. Continue reading

GameAWeek #4 – Space Run

For week 4 I thought I’d explore some new grounds and learn some new skills. The idea for this week started when I saw this game from Ludum Dare 42. I thought it would be fun to learn all the things needed to make a game look and feel like that.
The game is a space shooter through an asteroid field: asteroids are coming towards you and you’re running out of fuel. Collect fuel to keep you’re speed up and keep going.
Thanks to Oliver Wilde for the sound design.

The controls are WASD for moving and Left Click for shooting. Remember that the Y-Axis is inverted, so W pushes down the nose of the ship and S brings it up.
The glowing bar on the bottom indicates how much fuel you have left, the more fuel you have the faster you’ll go, if you run out of fuel you lose.
Avoid and shoot the asteroids and see how far you can go. Continue reading

GameAWeek #3 – Prototype

I’ve been working, for a few weeks now, with two english sound design students to make this game as their assignment. It’s just a prototype now, we’ll eventually complete it, but since their assignment was due this week, I thought of sharing this and taking the week off from the proper GameAWeek games to research a few tools for the coming weeks.

Controls: WASD to move, Space to jump (after beating level 1), Left Shift to slow down time (after beating level 2), Left CTRL to go faster (after beating level 3), Space again to double jump (after beating level 4) Continue reading

GameAWeek #2: Tower Up!

For my second GameAWeek I made this simple tower building game, I thought to leave physics enabled, I think it gives a whimsical feeling to the whole. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to put much time into it, only the weekend in fact, but I’m pretty satisfied with the result, given the circumstances.

The rules are pretty simple: release the blocks by left clicking, the score goes up for every block placed successfully on top of the previous one, if a block falls or if the tower crumbles it’s game over.
Try and build the highest tower in the neighborhood! Continue reading

Game A Week #1: Don’t Fade

For my first Game A Week I made a game where you control one small light in a pitch dark environment. Your light is slowly fading and you must reach the end of this labyrinthic environment without it going out. Don’t Fade.

The controls are WASD to move and Mouse for the camera, in addition to that you can hold Space to hover over small gaps, but doing so will make your light run out faster.
if you run into issues with the mouse tracking, you can go full screen if you hover the mouse over the bottom part of the game window. Continue reading