The theme for this DBGA project was 80’s arcades, again using Construct2. We started with the idea of making a game revolving around boss fights, but it transformed into a hack’n’slash game when we decided to develop a teleport mechanic. The gun in our game shoots an orb to which the player can then teleport. This allows him to close in on enemies or to deal with platforming sections.


  • Project Management
  • Level Design
  • Game Design

Team size: 6                          Development: 3 Weeks                         Engine: Construct2


  • Melee attack
  • Teleport: The player shoots an orb and can subsequently teleport to wherever the orb is. This is allows for fast paced gameplay where combat and platforming are combined.
  • Shooting the orb: Shooting the orb can be done while moving or, for tricky platforming sections, you can hold a button to stay in place and aim precisely.
  • Dash: To compliment the melee fighting we added halfway through the dash ability, this combines neatly with the melee attack and allows the player to fight multiple enemies. The drawback of this ability is that when using it in combat the player risks to fall off of the platforms.
  • Air-play: All the abilities are made to work also when the player is in the air.
  • The Bosses: there are two bosses in the game, they have multiple stages during which you have to figure out how to hit their weak spots