Kao The Kangaroo (Level Designer)

  • Creation of several levels from concept to final product
  • Took ownership of several other levels at various stages of completion
  • Owned several game mechanics and their implementation in the levels
  • Design and implementation of many blueprint objects in the game

Kao The Kangaroo was my first profesisonal project in the industry, and the reason why I moved to Poland. I was hired as a Level Designer (Castle Run was my test task) and it truly was what I always hoped for. I worked under a Lead Game Designer, who I am proud to call a friend today, and alongside another level designer at the first experience.

I joined the project in the early to mid stages of development. A lot of work was done before I got there but I saw the game go from a non-representative vertical slice to a released game. I owned one level from concept to completion (Sparkly Funfair) but the other LD and I basically reworked every single level in the game given the ever evolving mecchanics.

Speaking of mechanics, I was able to do a lot of gameplay design work, alongside my lead and I was in charge of designing and implementing in blueprint many game inteactable objects and obstacles.

Aditionally I worked on several “Eternal Wells”, short self-contained bonus levels of the duration of a couple of minutes.

Below you can find a playthrough of Sparkly Funfair, the level I was responsible for, from concept to completion.