People Can Fly – Technical Game Designer

For the past 2 years I’ve been working as a Technical Game Designer for People Can Fly on the triple AAA project code named Gemini. At PCF I honed my skills with Unreal Engine, putting great focus on the Gameplay Ability System, an industry standard plugin comsisting of an RPG framework that allows to create, prototype and iterate quickly on mechanics, systems and gameplay.

  • Worked closely with Balance and Design teams to best implement their vision in the core systems and mechanics at the heart of the game
  • Designed and implemented a perk-like system with over 50 elements
  • Implemented support for “perks” across all player character related systems
  • Implemented multiple gameplay features using Unreal’s Gameplay Abiity System.
  • Implemented the entirety of the debug menus in the game, touching virtually every game system.

On Gemini project I work closely with the Balance and Systems team, helping them iterate on their systems while implementing changes that propagate through the whole project. As a tech designer I often need to make tools to streamline other designers’ work while reducing the risk for human error and bugs.

In addition to tech responsibilities I also have various “pure” design responsibilities. I’m in charge of various systems that I both design and implement. From “named effects” to a “perk-like” system consisting 50+ items.

All in my experience at PCF is proving to be a wonderous experience, alllowing me to taste first hand what it is like to work on a huge project while at the same time giving me room to improve every one of my skills through my day-to-day tasks.