Pitching to a publisher

During my year at DBGA we mostly made game projects, but this project is an real pitch to an real publisher, that I’m probably better off leaving undisclosed.
The assignment was to pitch a mobile game for the Chinese free-to-play market, and the game was to focus around the world of fashion.
We were divided into small teams of designers and artists and had a pretty long time to make our pitches, with a lot of milestones and reviews from the teachers along the way.
The way this pitch worked was that each team was going to pitch an idea to a representative from the publisher and if something good came out from these pitches, the publisher would think of developing it with his own team and maybe, just maybe, would think of hiring some of those responsible for the pitch…spoiler, they didn’t.
Anyway, here’s the presentation in english.

GGJ 2018: Pocorob

My friends and I decided to participate to the Global Game Jam 2018 as a team… only problem was we were three designers. I wanted to test my programming skills, so I pushed for making the game in Unity instead of Construct and although it may not show…it paid off. This game is, in many ways, a train wreck, but it was one of the most formative and fun experiences in my career so far.

The theme for the jam was “transmission” and the game is basically a platformer where the controls are delayed.
You can check the game out here.

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